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The place to chat about ABBA, or just ourselves, here on LiveJournal.

The founders of this community annifridfour and anneheart are part of what we feel is the best ABBA mailing list and general communtity on the internet, ABBAMAIL.

When we saw there was no ABBA Community, we decided to start one, hopefully trying to bring something of the unique fan community we found there, and bring it here to the great community that already exists here at LiveJournal.

Special thanks to Graeme Read, of ABBAMAIL for allowing us to remain happily on ABBAMAIL while we start this community... though we are not affilliated with ABBAMAIL, we wholeheartedly endorse and support it and will tolerate no slander here ;)

For all the latest news you can't beat www.abbamail.com and then you can discuss it here at abbacommunity or if you're really brave, look into joining ABBAMAIL as well!

- your maintainers